'Tech Tips' for Pontem Cemetery Data Manager

  • Pontem is completely keyboard enabled for efficient data entry. And, while the concept of ‘tabbing’ from one field to the next is a no-brainer, did you know about these other cool shortcuts?

    If you are logged in to your software and in the Manage Graves workspace, you hold the "Alt" Key plus the following to change switch to various ‘Manage Grave’ views.
    Alt - M = Map view
    Alt - L = List view
    Alt - S = Save
    Alt - C = Cancel
    Alt - D = Edit
    Alt - V = Advance

    Similarly, you can use the Function Keys to access each primary workspace.
    F4 = Overview
    F5 = Manage Graves
    F6 = Manage Address Book
    F7 = Manage Occupants
    F8 = Cemetery Setup


  • Pontem has a preference setting that will auto-populate the City, State, and Zip when you add a new contact to the database. For those whose contact typically hail from the same town, this can be a huge time saver. 

    1. From the Edit Menu, select Adjust Preferences, and then choose Address Book from the left side list.

    2. Check the Default Address checkbox, and complete the City, State and Zip Code fields.

    3. Click OK.
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