Reports: Graves not in ESRI

The “Graves not in ESRI” report is a feature for our clients with Integrated GIS Mapping. This report generates a list of properties that have existing records in the database but do not tie to a specific property on the GIS map. The report shows the location ID (property address), the Owner name(s), and the Occupant name(s) for each record. It also displays a total record count and any applied filtering criteria at the end of the report.


The purpose of this report is to assist staff members in identifying records that need research in order to determine if the location ID is incorrect or incomplete. In addition, the report assists users in reviewing the accuracy of a GIS map to ensure it is correct or identify needed refinements.



To generate the “Graves not in ESRI” report, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports | Graves on the menu bar at the top of the program window
  2. Select the “Graves not in ESRI” report and click OK
  3. If desired, set filtering criteria for the report
  4. Click OK


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