Real Time Updates (RTU) for Cloud Applications

If you are licensed for cloud applications, you will have two databases:

  • Your Firebird Database on your local data server, which your Cemetery Data Manager uses
  • Your remote Cloud Database, which your Cloud Applications use

Examples of cloud applications include:

  • Pontem Cemetery Public Online Burial Search (OBS)
  • Pontem Online Administrator's Portal
  • Web application interfaces for our partner web applications, such as cemLS.

When a Pontem Technician sets up your Cemetery Data Manager for cloud applications, he/she will license it for Real Time Updates (RTU) and install Pontem Queue Manager Service (RTU Service) on your data server. When running, this Pontem Queue Manager Service ensures data changes made through your Cemetery Data Manager are reflected in your online database in "real time", or in other words, minutes after they are made in the Data Manager.

How does this work?  Your Cemetery Data Manager application records the changes you make into an audit table. The Pontem Queue Manager service on your data server monitors this audit table for changes and, within minutes of being added to the audit table, reports these changes to your remote RTU server.  The remote RTU Server sends the change to your Online Database, which in turn updates your Online Maps (if using mapping).




Note: Real Time Updates only happen if the RTU Service is left running 24/7. If this service is turned off or if the data server is turned off, the synchronization to the Online Database cannot be completed.

If your Online Data is out of sync with your local database, make sure this service is running on the data server. 


If you don't see this Windows Service listed, call your Pontem Support line to schedule an appointment to get it installed.

If the service listed but has been temporarily "stopped", upon starting the service up again, RTU will immediately look for records in the audit table that have not yet been reported to the online database and attempt to start synchronizing the two databases immediately; it may take a few hours for the service to complete a backlog of changes.

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