How to Upgrade your Pontem Cemetery Manager Program

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Before You Start !

Upgrade Your Server First.

The server/computer where the database is stored must be upgraded before upgrading the client PCs.

To verify you are on the Server, launch Cemetery and look for the Status Bar along the very bottom of the main program window.


Note the 4th item in from the left: Insure the PC Role = Server. If the PC Role = Client, you will need to find the computer which shows “Server” to install the upgrade on the Server first.

Log in to Your Server as Administrator

Alternatively you can launch the Pontem CM program as Administrator (right click on the Cemetery short-cut and select “Run as administrator”.)

Microsoft Windows Warnings

If you receive a warning from Microsoft Windows or your anti-virus program, "An unknown program is trying to make changes to your computer, do you want to continue?” (or similar message), select the response which allows the upgrade to continue.  If you are unsure how to answer this security question, contact your IT Technician.

Upgrade Your Server Application First

1.     On the Server, Launch the Cemetery application as Administrator

  •  Password from the Release Notice email.

2. Make sure no other users are connected to the database

--> From the Menu bar, select File, Administration, and Licensing.
Insure the Available Users = one less than the number of Authorized Users
If other users are in the program have them exit before moving continuing.

--> Select the Close button to continue

3. Retrieve the Upgrade

--> Help, Check for Upgrade from the Menu Bar
--> Read the notice and note the time needed to complete the upgrade and select Next button to continue. If there is an Upgrade release available you will be prompted for a password.

--> Enter the Software Upgrade password from your upgrade notice email and click the Next button.

4. Install the Upgrade: The installation wizard will download the Upgrade Installer and ask you a series of questions.  To complete the upgrade successfully, each message or question must be answered affirmatively.
--> Yes Apply: Do you wish to apply the Upgrade now? Select “Yes”
--> Default Configuration: leave defaults and select Next.
--> Install: Select the Install button.
--> RTU Shut Down; you only get this if you have an Online Burial Site
--> Finish: Select to open the Cemetery log in dialog

Upgrade the Database Before Upgrading Client PCs

1. Once again, Log in as User = PontemAdmin
--> “Your data must be upgraded from … Do you want to apply it now”.
Select “Yes” to continue.

2. Back up and Optimize your Database will prompt you as follows:
--> Review and Back up: review the information and click the Next button to run the back up
--> Restore Dialog; select the Next button to begin

      (Note: For this to complete successfully , no other users can be logged in)
--> Finish the Restore and Optimize; click the Finish button
      When completed the Pontem CM Overview work space is displayed.

3. Verify your login and upgrade version
--> Select File,Open an Existing Pontem Cemetery Manager, from the Menu Bar
--> Log in to the program with your regular user name and password
--> On the Menu bar Select Help, About and review the version information

Your Server Upgrade is now complete and you can continue with updating your Client PCs
Update Client PCs

Upgrade Your Client PCs

After the upgrade process is complete on the server, the client machines will need to be upgraded. This is done automatically when you run Cemetery at each the client machine. This process may require administrator privileges on the local computer to install the upgrade.

1. Open the Pontem Cemetery program on the Client PC as Administrator
The Installation Wizard will start automatically.

--> Click the Next button begin the upgraded
--> Click Install button to proceed
--> Once completed, click Finish button to open the program

2. Log in to the program using a regular user name and password

3. On the Menu bar Select Help, About and review the version information

If you have questions or need assistance with the upgrade, contact the Pontem Help Desk via the “Submit A Request” this link or from your Help option on the Pontem CM Menu bar.

You can also call the Pontem Help Desk @ 888.237.8531.

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