Creating a Database Backup File

Creating a regular backup of your Pontem database is essential to protect your software and database against catastrophic loss.

Your Pontem software has a built-in backup utility which you can invoke manually to help you accomplish this important task.  


You must be logged in to your database file to utilize the 'Backup Utility'.

  1. From the 'Program Menu' select File|Maintenance|Backup your Pontem...
  2. When the 'Backup' dialog appears, note the date and time-stamp located in     the Described As field.  If the information is correct click OK.  The backup process will begin and inform you of its completion.

NOTE: On large databases the backup may take a couple of minutes to complete.

     3. Click OK when the 'Completion' dialog box appears and your backup is complete.

NOTE:  This backup is of your database files ONLY and DOES NOT include any map or image files.  These files must be backed up separately using an external device or burned to a CD-ROM.  It is easiest to back up these files if they are located on your hard drive near your database file.

In addition to using the backup utility built into your Pontem software, we also recommend regularly copying your database, along with any map or image files, to an external media device.  This allows you to have a copy of your database off-site or in a fireproof safe providing you extra protection and security in the event of hard-drive crash, fire, etc.

External storage options include: Burning a CD or DVD-ROM, saving on a flash drive (small USB storage device), zip drive, tape back-up, or external hard drive.



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