Creating a Database Backup File

Creating a regular backup of your Pontem database is essential to protect you against catastrophic data loss.

Your Pontem software has a utility to compress and make a backup copy of your database in its current state.   We recommend you run this utility on a regular basis - even as often as daily if you make changes to your data every day. 


You must be logged in to your database to run the Backup Utility.  After logging in follow these simple steps:

  1. From the 'Program Menu' select File|Maintenance|Backup your Pontem...
  2. When the 'Backup' dialog is displayed, note the following:
    • file path and name in the Will be Created As field
      • Note: the default location for the backup file is usually C:\ProgramData\pontem\firebird\cem\archives
    • time-stamp in the Described As field. 
    • Change the location and file name if you desire something different and then click OK. 
    • The backup process will begin and inform you of its completion.  On large databases creating a compressed backup file may take several minutes to complete.

     3. Click OK when the 'Finish' dialog box appears and your backup is complete.

NOTE:  This backup file is your database file ONLY and DOES NOT include any map or image files.  These are typically located on your data server in subfolder of ...\ProgramData\pontem\firebird\cem

In addition to using the backup utility to create a backup copy, we recommend regularly copying your compressed back database file and your map or image files, to an external media device, off-server and off-site in a fireproof safe will provide you extra protection and security in the event of hard-drive crash, fire, etc.

Talk to your IT Manager to discuss external storage options.



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