Restoring Your Database from a Backup File

The backup utility in your Pontem software creates a compressed file (.fbk) in the configured “archives” folder on your computer’s local hard drive. In a network environment file will be stored on the file server. 

Each backup file will have a date and time-stamp as part of the file name which ensures you will be able to identify the most recent backup file easily. 

NOTE:  Remember, you cannot restore your data from a backup file if you have not backed your files up before hand.

Any changes made to the database in use since the date of your last backup will be LOST upon restore. Make sure to select the most recent backup file to minimize the amount of data needed to be re-entered.

IMPORTANT: When restoring from a Pontem database backup file, the database file must be closed and all users out of the system.



When restoring from a Pontem database backup, the database file must be closed. 

  1. From the program menu, select File | Close the currently open Pontem....
  2. Select File | Maintenance | Restore your Pontem....
  3. The “Restore” dialog will open, prompting you to select the database you would like to restore.
  4. All available backup files for the selected database will display.  Select the most recent backup performed and click OK.



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