Emailing a Report from Within Your Pontem Software

All reports within Pontem Software products can be emailed directly from the 'Print Preview' window using a locally-installed email software program on your computer, such as Microsoft® Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, or an Internet-based email account such as Gmail or Hotmail. 


Email account settings must be set up in ‘Preferences’ before the email feature will work. To set up your email account settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Edit | Adjust Preferences (on menu bar at top of window).
  2. Expand the 'Reports' category.
  3. Click on Email.
  4. In the 'SMTP Outgoing Server Name' field, enter the SMTP settings for your email provider. (Examples are: for Hotmail, for Gmail, for Comcast, etc.) If you are unable to find the correct settings, contact your IT technician or ISP company to find out what they are.
  5. In the 'User Account' field, enter your email address.
  6. Enter Port Number 587.
  7. Enter your email account password. 
  8. Repeat your email account password.
  9. Verify the "Use TLS" box is checked.
  10. Click the Send Test Email button to verify the settings are correct. If the test email is successful, you are ready to email reports from Pontem. If not, you need to make a correction to your settings. Once the settings are completed successfully, click OK


  1. Click the email icon in the 'Print Preview' toolbar.
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient you wish to mail the document to in the To field. Add carbon copy addresses if desired in the CC field.
  3. Enter the subject line content you would like the recipient(s) to see in the Subject field.
  4. Use the drop-down arrow in the File Type field to select the type of file you would like the recipient(s) to receive
  5. Leave the Delete File box checked if you do not wish to have an extra copy of the report saved locally on your computer. If you uncheck this box, then a copy of the report will be saved on your computer.
  6. Click the Send button in the 'Email Dialog' window to send your email.
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