Setting Up User-Required and User-Desired Fields in the Data Manager

Many Pontem clients have expressed the desire to maintain consistent data entry practices between different users.  User-Required Fields allow administrators to define any required as well as desired information that should be entered into Cemetery Data Manager records within the software.  

When a User-Required field is active, the program will alert data entry staff if the field has been left blank.  A User-Required field must be populated in order to save the record.  

User-Desired fields may be left blank, however, a notification message will be displayed if such fields are not populated with any information.



  1. After signing into the program, click Edit | Adjust Preferences.
  2. Click on User Required Fields.
  3. If desired, choose a text color to be used for User-Required and/or User-Desired fields.
  4. The Workspace field contains the options of 'Manage Graves', 'Manage Address Book', or 'Manage Occupants'.   Select the appropriate workspace.
  5. Review the list of Fields for the chosen workspace,  and mark each as 'Desired' or 'Required' if it is important to maintain consistency of these fields as part of your cemetery data entry process.
  6. Repeat Step 5 in as many workspaces as necessary.
  7. Click OK.


NOTE:  The ‘Additional Information Label’ cannot be set as a User-Required field if the Occupants preference setting has been set to “Automatically Assign.”  “Manually Assign” must be selected in ‘Preferences’ before making the field a ‘Required’ or ‘Desired’ option. 

Typically, the ‘Additional Information’ label is defined as the ‘Location Note’ field on occupant burial records.  However, it can be renamed, if desired.


Once choices for any User-Required/-Desired fields have been defined, the software will display the text for those fields in the color of the user’s choosing while in ‘Edit’ mode.

The data entry process can be further streamlined by setting Tab Stops.  To set tab stops, define data entry rules for only the program fields to be used and check the box at the top of the User-Required/-Desired dialog screen labeled “Skip Fields With No Entry Rules.”

If this box selected, the cursor will advance directly and only to those fields that have been selected as ‘Desired’ or ‘Required’ with the use of the TAB key while in ‘Edit’ mode.




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