Understanding the Report Print Preview Window

All Pontem applications have a Print Preview feature allowing you to view how your report will print. The number of pages your printed report will include will be displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.  After previewing your report, you can choose to close the report without printing in order to save paper.


'Print Preview' offers several options on the tool bar to fully manage collected report data. The icons, in order from left to right, are:

  • Print - Allows you to print your report or save to a variety of file types.
  • Email -  Allows you to email your report with a locally-installed email manager program.
  • Filter Data - Allows you to re-filter your search criteria by returning you to the Report Filter.
  • Find Text - Allows you to search your report for specific text, making it easier to find and use information.
  • Whole Page View - Allows you to change how your report is displayed in the Print Preview screen.  The 'Whole Page' view allows you to view one whole page of your report at a time.
  • Page Width View - Allows you to change how your report is displayed in the Print Preview screen. The 'Page Width' view allows you to view the entire width of your report at one time.
  • Percent Viewed - Allows you to change how your report displays on-screen. Enter a higher % to see a zoomed in view or a lower % to see a whole page in the 'Print Preview' screen.
  • Zoom In - Allows you to increase the size of the displayed preview.
  • Zoom Out - Allows you to decrease the size of the displayed preview.
  • Current View - Displays the percentage of your current view in relationship to actual size.
  • First Page - Moves you to the first page of the report.
  • Previous Page - Moves you back one to the preceding page.
  • Current Page Number - Displays the page number of the page you are currently viewing.  You can also see this information in the lower-left-hand corner of the Print Preview window.  Here you will also see the page number that you are viewing and the total number of pages included in your report.  This information is displayed using the format: "Page 1 of 6," "Page 2 of 6," etc.
  • Next Page - Moves you forward one to the succeeding page.
  • Last Page - Moves you to the last page of the report.
  • Close - Closes the Print Preview window and returns you to the program.



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