Cemetery Setup: Managing Grave Level Aliases

The Manage Grave Level Aliases tool allows users to define different ways to view a cemetery location depending on the use.

For example, when viewing a list of graves in Manage Graves, the alias length is short to ensure a good fit in the location column.  However, when printing a deed or certificate of burial rights or other custom reports, it may be preferable to see the entire formal name of the location.  The 'Grave Level Alias Tool' makes this possible.


  1.  After signing into the program, click on Cemetery Setup in 'Primary Tasks'.
  2.  Click on the Tools tab.
  3.  Click Manage Grave Level Aliases.
  4.  Click New.
  5.  Use the drop-down arrow in the Cemetery field to select the cemetery to define.
  6.  Use the drop-down arrow in the Level field to select the level of the address that you wish to  define.
  7.  In the Current Value field, enter the abbreviated version of the 'Level'. (For example,  "Rose" may be an abbreviation for "Rose Point Garden."  Therefore, the current value  would be "Rose").
  8.  In the Print Value field, enter the complete version of the 'Level'. (Using the example in  Step 7, the 'Print Value' would be "Rose Point Garden").
  9.  Click Save.
  10.  Click Close.


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