Pontem Software System Requirements

Please be aware that if your hardware meets only minimum requirements, your Pontem software will not perform at its optimum capability.

The following specifications apply to ALL Pontem software product lines including the Pontem Fund Accounting Suite, Property Tax Administration Suite, and our Cemetery Management Software Suite.


  • Operating System—Windows 7, 8, or 10 – Business or Professional – 64-bit
  • Screen Resolution—1920 x 1080
  • Hard Drive—5 GB or larger (Disk storage)
  • CPU—Dual Core or greater
  • Memory (RAM)—4 GB or greater
  • With ESRI based GIS Mapping—Video Card—4 GB RAM, Hardware T&L, Pixel Shader version 5.0m Vertex Shader 5.0
  • Backup—CD-R/CD-RW/DVD drive for backup to CD or DVD
  • Internet Access—High-Speed Internet required for:
    • Remote Training & Support
    • Product Upgrade downloads
    • Real Time Updates for public Online Burial Search and Web API to partner applications (see Real Time Update Recommendations)


  • Operating System—Windows 7 Professional
  • Screen Resolution—1024 x 768 (With ESRI based GIS Mapping—1920 x 1080)
  • Memory (RAM)—2 GB
  • Hard Drive—2 GB free space (per application) (With ESRI based GIS Mapping—5 GB or larger)
  • CPU—1 GHz or faster (With ESRI based GIS Mapping—Dual Core or greater; 2.4 GHz or greater)
  • With ESRI based GIS Mapping—Video Card—256 MB RAM, Hardware T&L, Pixel Shader version 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0
  • Backup—Some means for backup to external media
  • Internet Access—High-Speed Internet


We currently do not offer set up assistance or application support for macOS.


  • Operating System—Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019
  • CPU—Dual Core or greater
  • Memory (RAM)—4 GB (more users = more memory needed)
  • Hard Drive—100 GB or greater
  • Screen Resolution—1024 x 768

Note: Much of the database processing will be done on the file server; more memory and a faster CPU will make a noticeable difference.

We also recommend you never purchase and install any new operating system before it has been on the market for more than one year.


If your data is stored on a remote server, Pontem recommends remote Client PCs connected via a wired LAN. 

  • Clients connected via Wireless Networking can experience frequent disconnects/interruptions that lead to perform issues and data loss.
  • Remote Clients connected via a VPN will experience poor performance for sending and receiving data.  We recommend you use Windows Remote Desktop for remote clients needing to use your Cemetery application.


For optimal viewing, Pontem recommends the use a dual-monitor array, or a 24” monitor or larger.


To take advantage of report printing and document scanning features, you can utilize any printer and scanner that is compatible with the computer’s operating system and has a WIA driver available. We recommend you do NOT use a TWAIN driver; you will likely experience issues with TWAIN drivers.


Peer-to-peer networking is a server-less networking technology that allows several network devices to share resources and communicate directly with each other. This technology is available for Windows clients that run the Advanced Networking Pack for the peer-to-peer infrastructure. Pontem applications can be run on a peer-to-peer network.  Configuration of the network is the responsibility of the customer.

Note for Esri GIS:  Pontem does not recommend Peer-to-Peer networking for Clients with GIS Mapping features.  We recommend you choose either a stand-alone or a client-server LAN installation.


If you are licensed for any Pontem applications that use a online database with Real Time Updates (RTU),   you will see a Windows Service named Pontem Queue Manager (CMQueueService.exe) running on your data server.  These licensed Pontem applications include: 

  • Public Online Burial Search
  • Pontem web application interfaces for vendor partnerships

When the Pontem Queue Manager service is running, it is recommended that your data server remain powered on 24/7 and only rebooted for maintenance. Also, your power settings should be set so the server does not sleep, or hibernate.

Failure to keep the Real Time Updates service running 24/7 will prevent the changes you make daily in your Pontem Cemetery Application to be reflected in the copy of your public facing database on the web.

If your Firewall requires an Allowed Application list (white list), you will need to let your Firewall Administrator know:

  • RTU sends outbound requests via the CMQueueService.exe program (Windows service)
  • RTU requires outbound TCP packets to port 80 on
  • A Secure RTU connection is an optional feature you can enable. It requires outgoing connections on port 443 for domain and subdomains.
  • A 64 bit Processor is required to run RTU
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