Customer-Provided Esri® Geo-database Requirements for Use with Pontem GIS Mapping


Pontem is distinguished in the cemetery industry for its willingness to allow clients to leverage in-house GIS resources to develop GIS maps for integration with the Pontem Cemetery Management software. 

If building your own Geodatabse is an option your organization wishes to explore, Pontem can provide documentation designed to provide general understanding of how a Customer-Provided Esri®Geodatabase is integrated with the Pontem Records database.  Proper planning in advance and appropriate expectations for integration results and level of collaboration required are essential to a successful project with predictable, constrained costs. 

This documentation also seeks to provide additional technical requirements information for the GIS Technician(s) who may be creating the Geodatabase that will subsequently be integrated. 

Please contact your Pontem Product Consultant for additional information.  You may submit a request via this HelpCenter, or contact us directly by calling 888.248.2378

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