Cemetery Data Manager -Zoom In/Out Feature

Over the years, computer monitor screen sizes and resolutions have evolved. As such, we have added a Zoom In/Out feature to Pontem’s Cemetery Data Manager to allow for a more pleasing appearance to the program interface.

Manual adjustment to zoom level of the program is not necessary because Pontem will detect screen resolution settings and adjust itself as needed. In addition, if DPI settings are at 125%, the program window will automatically open ‘full screen’. However, if program users would like to adjust the settings manually, follow these steps:

  1. While signed into the program, click on Edit on the menu bar at the top of the program window.
  2. Select Zoom | Zoom In to make the program window and font appear larger.
  3. Select Zoom | Zoom Out to make the program window and font appear smaller.

The zoom level can be adjusted until the optimal window and font size has been reached.

Note: The zoom feature is designed specifically for larger monitor screens and resolutions as most wide-screens are today. The feature is disabled if a minimum screen size and resolution are not detected. Furthermore, manual adjustment of the program zoom level may make the interface too large for the screen on which it is displayed. This will cause some program controls, such as maximize, minimize, exit buttons, and the menu bar to be out of sight. Should this happen, the Task Manager must be used to

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