Administrators Guide: User Names and Permissions Report

As system administrator for the Pontem Cemetery Data Manager, it’s important to know who has sign-in credentials to the program and what the rights are for each set of credentials.

In order to facilitate easy access to a complete overview of that information, we have created a ‘User Names and Permissions Report’ that is only accessible when signed into the Cemetery Data Manager module with System Administrator credentials.


  1. Sign into Pontem Cemetery Data Manager with System Administrator credentials (If you do not know the credentials, please contact your System Administrator or contact the Pontem Help Desk at 888.237.8531).
  2. Select Edit | Adjust Preferences.
  3. Expand the Security preference category.
  4. Click on Users, Groups, or Rights.
  5. Click the Print button near the bottom of the preference window.
  6. Filter for a specific name, range of names, or leave the name fields blank to run the report for all program users.
  7. Check or uncheck the ‘Print Details’ and ‘Print Group Breakdown’ boxes depending on your preference.
  8. Click OK.

The report will appear on screen in a Print Preview window. You can now view and close the report, print the report, save it to an electronic file format, or email it to any necessary personnel.

For your information, here is a sample of the report which is generated.

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