Tool: Manage Graves Primary Workspace: Reconcile With GIS

Use the “Reconcile With GIS” tool to resolve grave record duplication that resulted after GIS Integration, because a discrepancy with the grave address assigned to a legacy grave record.

For example, if your legacy grave record is incorrectly addressed with three segments as BB1-8-B1,

and the GIS data record was assigned with four segments as BB1-8-B-1, the Pontem Map Integration program will:

  • Leave the legacy record as is with all grave and burial details, unlink to any map space.
  • Create a new grave record for BBW-8-B-1, linked to a GIS map space, with no other details.

In such a case, you essentially have two records in your Manage Graves list that represent the same map space and you may need to merge (reconcile) them into one record.


If the legacy (unlinked) record does not have any grave details to be retained, simply delete the legacy grave record.


For legacy grave records that have details to be retained, use the Reconcile With GIS tool to:

  1. Retain the detail of the legacy record.
  2. Change the legacy record Grave Address fields to match the GIS linked record.
  3. Link the legacy record GIS map space.
  4. Remove the duplicate grave record.


Before using this tool, we recommend you turn the “Show ESRI Map in a floating window” feature on (checked).  From the application Menu, select the Edit, Adjust Preferences, Esri to get to this option.




Select ok and open your Manage Graves.


In the Manage Graves workspace, follow these steps to merge the two records:

  1. Use the Quick Search or other navigation tools to display the Unlinked Legacy grave record.
  2. On the floating map, you can use the Zoom and Pan tools to find the map space physically related to the legacy grave. It will likely be Yellow in color (GIS Import Status).
  3. Select the Tools tab in the panel to the left of the workspace (between the View and Reports tab) and open the “Reconcile With GIS” tool (at the bottom of the list of tools).
  4. The tool dialog requires the Address of the Unlinked\Unmapped legacy record; this defaults the record you selected in Manage Graves.
  5. Enter in the grave address of the GIS Mapped record that your legacy record is to be merged with.




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