The Software Files and Database



Program Files

Where Pontem’s Cemetery software resides on a computer or server running Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Server 2008 or 2012 depends on whether the system uses 32-bit or 64-bit architecture.

  • The default directory path for the Pontem Cemetery program files in a 64-bit operating system is C:\Program Files (x86)\Pontem\Cemetery Management.
  • The path in a 32-bit Operating System is C:\Program Files\Pontem\Cemetery Management. The location of the program files can be changed during the installation process if desired.


Data Files

By default, the Database File, Update Folder, Archive Folder, Image Folder, Map Folder, Geodatabase Folder, and Custom Reports Folder are located at:  C:\ProgramData\pontem\firebird\cem. The Program Data Folder is a hidden folder.   If you need to access the database file and cannot see it, you must turn on the option to view hidden files.  

 If you need to change the location of your program data to a different directory, system ‘Preferences’ in your software must be modified while signed in as a System Administrator.  This is particularly important with Server/Client and Peer-to-Peer installations.  If you need to store your data in a location other than the default directory, we recommend you contact Pontem’s Support Team for assistance.



Pontem publishes and distributes upgrades to its software via the Internet.  Upgrades to your software are not automatic which means you are always in complete control of when and if your program changes.

Email notifications are sent whenever a new release is available and significant changes or new software features have been added.

Upgrades with one or two minor changes or fixes to the program are also published to the web periodically.  Customers are not notified by email when these minor updates are released.   Therefore, we recommend you check periodically to see if an upgrade is available so you always will have the benefit of running a version of your Pontem software that contains the latest improvements, whatever they may be.

 For more information about how to upgrade your program and update your data file to make it compatible with an improved program, see the help document entitled:  Applying a Software Upgrade and Updating a Database to a Newer Version.



Pontem Software programs can be installed on Server/Client networks, Peer-to-Peer networks, and Stand-Alone computer systems.   No matter what computing environment you choose or use, you’ll want to make sure your equipment meets at least the minimum requirements for Pontem’s software.

Pontem has specific recommendations to ensure optimal performance of its software in various computing environments.  In addition, if Pontem’s Esri®-engineered GIS mapping is purchased or under consideration, you will want to consult our system recommendations for Esri® users as well.

 For more information, see the following resources: 

Help Center Article: Pontem Software System Requirements

Help Center Article: Pontem Software System Requirements for Esri Users

Help Center Article: Peer-to-Peer Networking Operation Guidelines

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