How to Associate Owners to Property Records

Overview:  The Mange Graves Workspace is where property record details, including ownership, are maintained.  The Mange Graves workspace allows an unlimited number of owners to be assigned to a property.  These owners can be selected from a list from your address book, or they can be added on-the-fly from the Manage Graves Workspace.

Best Practice: It is not unusual for a property to be sold to more than one person, such as a husband and wife.  It is strongly recommended an Address Book record be created for each person as an individual, as opposed to combining them as a single person. 


Mr. John Smith, Mrs. Joan Smith

As opposed to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

To Add New or Additional Owners to a Grave Record:

  1. In the Manage Graves Workspace, browse to the record to which you wish to add an owner, and click the Edit Grave Or, if you are adding a new Grave, Click New Grave. 
  2. Click in the white space below the “Owner” field to display a new line in the Owner grid.
    1. Or, if you have grid navigation preference turned on, you can click the + in the grid navigation bar to create a line for the owner.How_to_Add_Owners.png
  3. You may select an existing contact from your Address book, or create a new Address book Contact as your Owner.
    1. First, click in the Name field to display a list of existing Address Book Contacts. If the owner has a record in this list, select the existing address book contact. 
    2. If the contact does not yet exist, click Add New, which is the first entry on the list.
      1. Enter the appropriate information in the New Owner Record pop-up window. Note there are four tabs in this window, which will allow you to enter any data you have for this person. 
      2. Click OK to return to the property record.
  4. If more than one owner is needed, hit the TAB key on your keyboard until an additional owner line is open for you to work with. Repeat steps 2-4 for each owner needed.
  5. Confirm the Grave Status is reflective of a property that is owned.
  6. After adding all desired owners, click Save in the lower right-hand corner of the program window.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you add an owner to a property assigned to a deed, the owner will be added to ALL records attached to that deed.


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